Rudraksha Prayer Bead Necklace

The Rudraksha seeds are selected according to the season and age of the tree. They are then processed and after processing and sizing etc, are strung as a ‘mala’. The seeds are strung with a knot in-between each seed tightly, so as to allow for easier ‘Japa’ or ‘counting of the beads’. The mala can be prepared with 108 + 1 or 54 + 1 or 27 + 1 seeds respectively. These are usually worn around the neck, arms and wrist.



The ‘Mala’ is usually selected and given to the student by their teacher and this has been the way of the Ancients and so it becomes an instrument of reverence and blessings and it is taken care and treated accordingly. But these days they are worn and adorned as costume jewellery! There is a process of purification of the ‘mala’ if it is to be used for spiritual purposes. When you purchase the Mala from us we would prove you with the process if you are so interested.

Wearing the Mala according to the traditions means you have taken the responsibility to study and make all efforts to understand and live the Truth. The Mala is a symbol of your commitment and of your teacher. Due to the reverence to the Mala it is it not displayed but covered by clothing.

The Rudraksha has also been used by Ayurvedic practitioners as an important herb in their various treatments.

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