Sovereign Herbal Jelly

‘Sovereign’ is a variation of a Chavanaprash (the most widely used and sought after Ayurvedic preparation) manufactured according to the Asthanga Hridyam formula using traditional and ancient techniques. This jelly is taken mixed with warmed goat’s milk and assists and supports in rejuvenation, detoxification, nourishment, and in building immunity. When mixed into the warmed goat milk it is easily digested and an excellent health and food supplement for all to use.

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The primary herb Emblica officinalis is a rich source of Vitamin C and works in combination with the many other potent herbs, ghee, honey, and molasses. Sovereign is free from additives such as artificial sweeteners and refined sugar, preservatives, flavourings, and colourings.

To ensure the highest level of benefit to you, Ancient’s Best Sovereign Herbal Jelly is produced in small quantities of very high quality, is manufactured traditionally using our own variation on the traditional formula, has high quality packaging, and has our professional knowledge and support behind it. We recommend this product for regular and long term use.

Ancient’s Best Sovereign 100% Natural Herbal Jelly 500gm jar NZ$45.00

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