Tongue Scrapers

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Tongue Cleaning as part of Daily Ayurvedic Lifestyle management:

The tongue scraper has been a vitally important instrument, in use for thousands of years in Ayurveda as an integral part of the morning personal cleansing routine.  In earlier times people used the green stem of various kinds of trees and plants but these days scrapers are made from different metals and in different styles. After daily brushing of the teeth, one should then proceed to clean the tongue with a tongue scraper.

Cleaning the tongue removes bacteria and toxic substances which can be deposited on the tongue. This coating cannot be removed completely by brushing with a toothbrush and can be re-ingested if not removed before eating and drinking. These toxins on the tongue can also contribute to bad breath (Halitosis). Ayurveda, states that various types of disturbances can result from continued re-absorption of these waste products, besides not allowing the taste buds to be effective. This waste product should be removed daily as part of your daily morning routine.

How to use a Tongue Scraper

1. Cleaning your tongue should be done first thing in the morning, before drinking or eating, and after brushing the teeth.

2. Hold the tongue scraper at each end in both hands opening the mouth wide and sticking the tongue out as far as possible. Then place the curved part as far back on the tongue as is comfortable without gagging. Firmly but gently, with light pressure on the tongue surface, pull the scraper forward towards the tip of tongue (don’t move from side to side). Adjust the scraper according to the curvature of the tongue by adjusting the angle of the scraper on the tongue.

3. Rinse any mucus and waste under running water and repeat the scraping action 4 or 5 times, ensuring the full surface of the tongue is covered.  When finished, thoroughly rinse the tongue scraper with warm water and hang to dry.

Over time with compatible and correct dietary and lifestyle changes you should find the toxic coatings greatly reduced.

Note : For reasons of personal hygiene each person must have their own tongue scraper.

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