“I am using the Sovereign Jelly for a few years daily now and so does my husband. We both like the taste of the Jelly which is a bonus. I can honestly say that we have not been sick for a long time and partly this has to do with the intake of this fabulous food source. We also use the tongue scraper daily for detoxification of the tongue. It feels nice to start the day with a clean tongue. And surely it has an effect on our wellbeing. We use the copper tongue scrapers. I also use the massage oils of Ancient Best when I see my massagist for a treatment. The oiling of the body has had most beneficial effects on me, my joints and my overall health of the body. I oil my body daily at home too and never suffer from joint pains. I am a Yoga teacher and am physically very active but even then my joints hold up well with all the body work I do. I am 58 years old! Being on the Ayurvedic path for many years now it has proven to be an amazing support for my overall health and wellbeing. I am so grateful for having come across this ancient way of living well.”

Doris Blum

Sovereign Jelly

“I started the daily practice of taking a teaspoon of Sovereign Jelly mixed into warm goats milk about 3 months ago to pacify my elevated Vata dosha. The jelly is pleasing to the senses, comforting, nourishing and can easily replace a meal when only a little hungry – either for breakfast or before bed to support a good nights sleep. Through it’s detoxifying properties I feel that my hormones are more balanced and I’m generally calmer and happier. The immune boosting qualities of the primary herb Embilica officinalis (rich in Vitamin C) are an additional benefit of this amazing product! If you find yourself in need of some extra tender loving care, ‘Ancient’s Best: Sovereign Jelly’ is a great way to implement that dose of self-love into your daily Ayurveda practice.”


Ayurvedic Massage Oil

VATA Pacifying

“Since starting my Ayurvedic journey, I’ve learned how soothing the daily practice of Ayurvedic self-massage can be. During the colder months, I started massaging my feet and calves with the warm Vata oil just before bed. This took away the aches of the day and improved my circulation. The earthy scent of the Vata oil calmed my busy mind and flooded my body with a sense of heaviness, comfort and warmth – resulting in a good nights sleep. I’m still learning and experimenting with Ayurvedic self-massage but am intrigued by the many possibilities and applications for this beautiful oil.”