Are you able to accept things the way they are?

A Life with simple rules and a commonsense approach is what is needed for a reasonably trouble-free life.

Acceptance of any situation in our life, be it good or bad, right or wrong, fair or unfair, correct or incorrect, it does not matter; accept that situation which is happening at that moment in time and don’t deny or fight it. It is happening and so what is there to deny or fight! If it not supposed to happen, would it happen? No.


Accepting a situation, whatever it may be, would firstly reduce anxiety and tension. It further allows us to immediately conserve huge amounts of energy. This energy could then go to what it is meant for in the first place, to detoxify, nourish, strengthen, and stabilise our body and mind.

Acceptance is therefore the first rule we need to understand and abide by in order for a stable life.

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