Often times we hear of certain people speak of they being in ‘Balance’ or having their three Dosha in Balance or being the same or ‘Tridoshic’!

This I see as a misinterpretation or incorrect use of the Sanskrit root word ‘Sam’. It need not necessarily mean the ‘same’ but could also mean ‘that which is coming together in peace and harmony’. Stability can only come about when the 3 Dosha are able to live and work together in harmony and as One and only then can we say we are ‘stable’ or ‘pacified’.

Understanding one’s Constitution allows one to make the necessary adjustments so as to be in pace with the environment and all those around us.  This constant adjustment to all changes is what makes Ayurvedic Lifestyle Management both very challenging but at the same time very fulfilling. Being able to be ‘ahead’ of all changes and making the necessary adjustments and refinements necessary is what ‘Living in Balance and Stability means’.  This allows one to live in peace and harmony with not only others and the environment but more importantly with our own Self.

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