Correct breathing equates to better quality of health and well being. Our vitality, strength and clarity of body and mind depends very much on the capacity to oxygenate and deoxygenate our blood. The greater the capacity and regularity to achieve this the greater would be the benefits. Exhalation is as equally important as inhalation.  As without proper or sufficient Exhalation, Inhalation would become restricted and limited. Thus our vital source of energy and life becomes denied.

It has been known to the Ancients that Breath is Life and Life is Breath. Inhalation does not only bring in oxygen but more important and subtle is the energy that is called Prana. It is this energy that gives and sustains Life. Prana is also obtained from the correct eating of food and from the energy of the Sun. Prana uses the medium of Air, Food and the Sun to provide us with all the Prana we need. However the ability and extent of Prana to become absorbed by our body and mind depends very much on our own stability and strength. Therefore our strength, stability, vitality and virility depends very much on our ability to not only absorb Prana fully but also to its retention. As it is known that Prana is Life, so the longer Prana is retained in our body it means the longer would be our Life. What this actually means is that the quality of our Life becomes very much improved but not so much the number of years.

Unfortunately we are taught many things in our schools but sadly the technique and art of Correct Breathing is not one of them. Learning to breathe completely and deeply is one of the most effective tools we can apply for increasing our health, vitality, and self awareness. The mind follows the breath so we have a direct means to calm and relax the mind and thus the body by managing the depth and speed of our breathing. Brain chemicals are stimulated helping to fight depression and manage negative emotions, giving us better clarity and more patience.

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