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Prakriti and Vikriti

A question was raised during a discussion on Lifestyle about returning to one’s Prakriti from Vikriti. The question was “Why, if we are born with Dosha (disturbance), do we work through short term correction and treatment, dietetics and lifestyle to return home to that already disturbed state?” Prakriti is our unique constitution that we are […]

What does Dosha mean?

Dosha can be translated to mean disturbance, fault, or corruption. They are expressions of and derived from the Five Great Elements (space, wind, fire, water, earth). They form the Tri-Dosha of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Dosha are not Characteristics or Body-Types as often thought.   Everyone is born with Dosha, however each combination is uniquely […]

What is Ayurvedic Pulse Reading (Naadi parikshai)?

Firstly those wanting to study or understand this subject matter need to know that this is not some otherworldly or psychic or mind-reading or magic! It is a science and an art, put together, that could be learned, understood and put to practice, so long as one follows the correct path or way to do […]

Traditional Ayurvedic Pulse Reading (‘Naadi Parikshai’) is an almost lost art and science today.

The traditional approach to diagnosis in Ayurveda relies on a pulse reading termed Naadi Parikshai. The ability to read the pulse is an an art (developed through spiritual discipline) that allows the practitioner to sense the flow of Prana (Life), and consequently ascertain where ‘Dosha’ (disturbance) has blocked or restricted the free flow of Prana. […]

What are the Principles and Philosophy of Ayurveda?

‘Ayur’ in Sanskrit translates to mean Life or Longevity, and ‘Veda’ to mean Science, Knowledge, or Understanding. Simply put Ayurveda is ‘The Science of Life’ or more specifically ‘The Science or Understanding of how to live your Life based on your Uniqueness’. Ayurveda is the ‘Yoga of Life’ and its aim or goal is to […]

Why Pulse Diagnosis can only be done in the early morning

The Key to Ayurvedic Diagnosis is Ayurvedic Pulse reading (known as Naadi Parikshai). We were asked why this can only be read in the early mornings so have written some more about this below…. The art and skill of reading and interpreting the flow of Prana throughout the body and mind to establish the Prakriti […]

What’s the Difference Between Modern and Traditional Ayurveda

The word Ayur-Veda specifically means the “Science or Knowledge of Life or Longevity”. In other words, it means ‘how we are to live and manage our life’. An appropriate term to describe Ayur-Veda is ‘The Yoga of Life’. It is a system that – when correctly understood, applied and practiced – leads one to Yoga, […]

‘Balance’ with Ayurveda!!!

Often times we hear of certain people speak of they being in ‘Balance’ or having their three Dosha in Balance or being the same or ‘Tridoshic’! This I see as a misinterpretation or incorrect use of the Sanskrit root word ‘Sam’. It need not necessarily mean the ‘same’ but could also mean ‘that which is […]