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Musings on life

Accepting things the way they are

Are you able to accept things the way they are? A Life with simple rules and a commonsense approach is what is needed for a reasonably trouble-free life. Acceptance of any situation in our life, be it good or bad, right or wrong, fair or unfair, correct or incorrect, it does not matter; accept that […]

Love in Relationship to Marriage

When do we ‘fall’ in Love?  When we meet the ‘right’ person!!! Who is the ‘right’ person!!! What is love?     Often times when you ask someone, “why do you love that person”? The answer comes, “because..”. There seems always some reason, purpose, agenda or whatever attached to this love. There are some qualities […]


These days the concept of marriage seems to have become outdated or defunct. It has come to this sorry state because the meaning of marriage has not been understood by most! Marriage is not a certificate for free and legal sex or to beget children with legal status but a subtle connection and spiritual evolution […]