Be it any kind of disease or disturbances, it is always due to the inherent weakness or disturbance of the individual and not so much to the external factors that often are perceived to be the ’cause’ of Diseases. In the study of History, we come across stories of impregnable fortress eventually becoming breached. We subsequently learn that the breach became possible only because a traitor caused this breach to happen but from within! Otherwise it would remain impregnable. The body and mind works in a very similar manner. Vibrant and virile health offers strong immunity and this is our impregnable fortress.

Take for instance allergies due to certain substance in a particular food item. This substance is ingested by everyone who eats this food item but then it effects one more then the other. The one who suffers extensively due to this substance, we say the person is allergic to that substance. However it does not mean the person who does not suffer allergy is immune to the substance but it only means the body is better equiped to manage the allergy. Just because most such people do not exhibit symptoms of allergy, it does not mean they do not suffer the allergy but they do!

Why is it that one person suffers so badly from a substance in a food item and the other does not! The answer is obviously not in the food item but in the individual.
There are means to help support the individual to build the resistance to the allergic substance by means of firstly undergoing correct detoxification and thereafter a rejuvenating program but this has to be strictly based on the unique individual and not just any standard program that is readily available in the market. It has to be tailor-made to suit the individual constitution.

However in order for the program to be successful, the individual must have the will, faith, confidence and trust in the system and in the practitioner and more importantly the willingness to ‘work the program’ but this is often found to be so very lacking and deficient.

People want to be ‘cured,’ but they are so unwilling to seriously work the program or they begrudge the cost involved. Years of incorrect understanding and mismanagement of the individuals body and mind has caused the dis-ease but yet they expect it to be removed overnight!

Vaidyar mani


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