Our Ayurvedic Formulas are compounded from many different finely powdered and ground herbs to not only provide those tastes that are deficient in the individual but also very importantly to assist in the detoxification process, and provide concentrated nutrition.

Such herbal formulas work to correct and remove excess Dosha and toxins. Usually one to two months initial supply will be compounded but the duration of consumption will depend on how quickly the excess Dosha move away from your systems.

Subsequent formulations, if required, may be compounded differently as the Dosha will move. All such compounds are made especially to suit each individual. All herbs are whole (not extracts), pure, and processed in powder form, and are a very pure source of nutrition as well as detoxifying agents. They contain no additives or preservatives and so must be kept airtight, refrigerated and dry.

More than 100 different traditional herbs are sourced, and formulations are complex, based on traditional knowledge of Ayurvedic pharmacology. Today many Ayurvedic herbal formulations tend to consist of single herbs or simple herbal combinations, and are primarily used for symptomatic treatments.

A classical formulation such as ours contains herbs that not only pacify the aggravated Dosha but that work synergistically to help with the digestion and assimilation of the herbs, as well as having carminative functions and assisting in the breakdown and elimination of toxins. Instead of one herb having one function there will be a number with similar functions and this is understood to give greater potency and effectiveness to the formulation. The qualities of a single herb no longer acts singly when in a synergy with many other herbs as in a formula.

The cost of the formulations reflects the time, effort and knowledge that goes into sourcing the ingredients, and preparing the formulations so we can support our clients/students. Herbs are purchased in small quantities to ensure freshness and kept refrigerated and vacuum sealed to protect their freshness and prevent contamination.

Below is a short video that shows the mixing of a Dosha Pacifying formula ready to consume. Although the herbs don’t taste very nice it is very important to taste them as this a key aspect in the digestive process.



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