Ginger is aromatic, carminative, and a stimulant for the digestive system. It is often used in conditions such as cold and flu, indigestion, vomiting, headaches, abdominal pain, gas, cramps etc. It’s taste is pungent and sweet

It is best for Kapha (particularly when it is older and drier) and also suitable for Vata. Pitta is recommended to take fresh young ginger which is not so pungent.

To make it easier to use, blend it into a ginger juice first for drinks or puree before adding to recipes.



Making the ginger juice:

  • Take fresh young ginger root (4-5 inches or 10-15 centimetres in size), clean/scrub/scrape the outside, cut into small pieces, put into blender and add two cups of water and blend until creamy ginger juice is formed
  • Strain this and squeeze out whatever juice is remaining in the pulp, use a spoon to squeeze the pulp (try not to allow hands to touch as it will become contaminated quickly)
  • Keep this ginger juice liquid in a container and store in the fridge (you will notice a starch like formation and sediment forming at the bottom, this is the starch from the ginger, don’t use this or stir it in but let it be and when the liquid is close to finished then throw this away)

making ginger tea (3)

Making the ginger tea:

  • Take normal black tea and add two teaspoons of ginger juice per cup (or more to taste) and add required amount of boiling water and allow to sit for around 3-4 minutes
  • Alternatively have as ginger tea without black tea, just add to hot water
  • A little honey can be used to sweeten (best for Kapha) but only add once the liquid has cooled (honey becomes toxic if heated). Pitta can use cane sugar, and Vata can use a little salt and/or honey.


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