So long as we are living with the understanding that we are the body and mind, so long will the concept of Duality exist.

Good, bad, right, wrong, positive, negative, hot, cold, pain, pleasure and the lists goes on. All of the above can be considered ‘real’ insofar as the experiences of the body and mind is concerned. But are we this body and mind? The latter is a temporary necessity to allow Karma to fulfil its functions, otherwise unnecessary.

By changing our clothes, the essence that is us, or rather the ‘I’ does not change. It remains the same throughout, irrespective of what we are dressed in or whether we are dressed at all! By changing our name or our physical form through cosmetic surgery, do you think we become someone else?! No, as the essence of what is ‘I’ remains unchanged.

In our experience, we sense that the nature of duality affects us one way or rather. But at the same time we understand that the body and mind is not ‘real’ as it is there for only a period of time. But just as in deep sleep, where there is still awareness and consciousness, even though there is no awareness and consciousness of the body and mind, similarly awareness and consciousness is still available, even when we are not in the form of the body and mind. The latter state is what constitutes as ‘Real’ as it remains the same throughout the period of time, i.e; past , present and future.

Change does affect the body and mind as recognised in the science of Ayurveda. Methods to manage this, is taught by this system of this Yoga of Life. It becomes imperative to keep the body and mind as pacified and as calm as possible, so as to allow us the ‘quiet and stillness’ to experience our True Nature as in the state of Yoga or Samadhi. This is the sole and only purpose of our life.

Our body/mind is equated to that of the wave. Though appearing to have its own form, is nothing but the Ocean. Before the wave became a wave, it was the Ocean. While it was in the form of the wave, it is still the Ocean. And when it eventually returns to the Ocean, it remains as the Ocean. Never has the wave not been the Ocean. Similarly, the essence that we are, call it Soul or Atman or God, it does not matter, does not change, in spite of having numerous temporary forms of a different body and mind.  Realising this unchanging reality is spiritual evolution.

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