Many women undergo issues of being diagnosed with cysts, fibroids and tumours in the reproductive organs. Oftentimes surgery is recommended to remove the tumours or growths and in some cases complete removal of all the female reproductive organs is recommended. This procedure is called a hysterectomy.


Modern science sees this as just an organ and if problematic it should be removed and thus the problem solved or gone. The only downside considered is the loss of the ability to conceive and give birth. Similarly a problem with the gall bladder, appendix, tonsils etc. may be dealt with in a similar way – remove the problem by removing the organ. There are times indeed when the situation becomes so critical that removing an organ may have to happen to preserve life. However, yogic understanding sees an underlying spiritual quality or value in everything within and without us. Because of this awareness the problem cannot and does not become resolved so simply.


The womb and the female reproductive organs are seen subtly as the seat of creation. In ancient Hindu temples, the sanctum sanctuary is actually a small cave like structure with a small opening that has to be entered by the presiding priest by crawling inside. It is pitch dark with a very small oil lamp burning. From outside it represents the womb of creation of God or God’s womb. From there the light we see is the spark of life that is in all of us. Symbolically from there all creation comes forth. This is why most early cultures saw the creator or God as feminine because of the idea of creation and that all comes out from the womb. We all know that only the female has this womb and the capability to create and develop life, thus setting in motion the conditions to allow Karma to be expressed for that newly formed individual.


Regardless of whether the woman is still of reproductive age and capability, the effect of losing the womb will still be considerable as the related hormonal functions will be removed as well as what it is that makes a woman female is removed. All the endocrinal systems are interconnected and considered subtle. Prana (or life) works directly with these systems so if one is removed or severely damaged then the whole distribution system will be impacted. We must bear in mind that Prana is life and if it is denied in certain places that strength and energy related to that area will be denied. So the whole system becomes unstable or unsupported. Thus we can see that every part is interrelated.


Oja is a quality of Prana that is at its most refined and most potent. The whole of the process of digestion and metabolism etc. is in fact geared up to building up these Oja. Why this Oja is so very essential is because it is the primary curative and building block of the body and mind. It provides our immune system and is needed for supporting and developing all growth and destroying decay. The primary cause of this decay is known to be Karma or the natural law of cause and effect.  This Karma gives us qualities and the qualities may be stable or disturbed – that which is disturbed is termed Dosha (read more on our website to understand Dosha). Not understanding this Dosha will create opportunities to disturb this further thereby causing diseases (such as what is discussed here) or other diseases of the body and mind. The Oja is represented in its grosser form by the sexual organs and the sexual fluids, eggs and sperms. That is why there is a strict discipline regarding sexual activities in the older cultures. Understanding one’s sexuality is vital to help retain and develop Oja.


Karma defines the path our life follows and it can lead in any direction. All of us have experienced ups and downs in our life irrespective of how we plan things. We have been well, we have been sick. At times we or our loved ones succumb to chronic diseases, some recover, some don’t. All of these things are due to the laws of cause and effect. Whether we accept it or are familiar with it or not, natural laws will fulfil their functions. Just as we are all aware of the laws of gravity and we don’t question that, similarly these laws of cause and effect are those that are directly related to our lives. Why certain people experience certain things and others don’t can be explained and understood by the laws of cause and effect.


Traditional systems like Ayurveda help us to understand the laws of Karma in relationship to one’s own disturbances. It provides guidelines as to how to work towards pacifying and removing underlying and subtle disturbances. Within certain confines, a disturbed condition can be corrected by Ayurvedic intervention with a more intense form of treatment called Pancha Karma, thereafter followed by a rejuvenation program where run down organs and tissues are rebuilt with a strong disciplined Lifestyle approach; including treatments, herbs etc.

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