These days the concept of marriage seems to have become outdated or defunct. It has come to this sorry state because the meaning of marriage has not been understood by most!

Marriage is not a certificate for free and legal sex or to beget children with legal status but a subtle connection and spiritual evolution of the feminine and masculine qualities in each of us.

What is the need for a marriage between a Female and a Male!

This is so to allow the masculine qualities to be built up and surface in the Female and to allow the feminine qualities to be built up and surface in the Male, by the two being joint together as ‘One’ in marriage. So marriage is actually a symbolic manifestation of each of us causing and helping the Male and Female to become balanced and equal in each of us.

Feminists should take note that it is not needed for them to take up the role of Males to prove they are equal but to build up the Masculine qualities in their Female bodies to achieve that equality and balance. This is clearly defined in the form of Siva, the Male principal and Sakthi, the Female principle being joint as one body, according to Hindu mythology. Or as in the ‘Yin and Yang’ of the Chinese principle of divine balance.




As marriage was progressively seen as a convenience, it lost its spiritual significance and became degraded. We see marriages or partnerships fail in after a very short while of being together. This is because that union has become an instrument of the Ego just for the purpose of fulfilling individual needs and desires, without the least concern or consideration of the need of the other and thus a totally selfish and self-centered exercise.


yin yang
Yin Yang Symbol



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