The traditional approach to diagnosis in Ayurveda relies on a pulse reading termed Naadi Parikshai. The ability to read the pulse is an an art (developed through spiritual discipline) that allows the practitioner to sense the flow of Prana (Life), and consequently ascertain where ‘Dosha’ (disturbance) has blocked or restricted the free flow of Prana.

Prana is Life itself, and is needed for maintaining good health, strength, vitality, and promoting healing.

When Prana is unable to move freely and be retained in the body and mind we start to experience the symptoms of dis-ease and dis-comfort. This happens first at a subtle level, a feeling of things not being ‘quite right’. This is where an accurate interpretation of the pulse can help us make adjustments before we reach the stage of physical or mental illness.

When disturbance has already set in, an understanding of its root cause can be read through Naadi Parikshai.

This provides each individual with the key and insight required to develop a supportive and curative lifestyle based on their unique body and mind and life circumstances.

The ability to correctly read and interpret the Pulse allows us to accurately determine the root cause of not only problems we are aware of, but also those still on the way.

This knowledge provides the ‘Key’

…not just to understanding yourself, but to help in developing a very specialised and individualised approach to living your life in a way that respects and acknowledges your unique needs.


Ayurveda teaches that we are each unique so need something different.

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