The Key to Ayurvedic Diagnosis is Ayurvedic Pulse reading (known as Naadi Parikshai). We were asked why this can only be read in the early mornings so have written some more about this below….

The art and skill of reading and interpreting the flow of Prana throughout the body and mind to establish the Prakriti and Vikriti of an individual is neither a physical nor a mental process. This reading is only possible through the subtle, as Prana is the subtlest of the subtle and in order to have a ‘dialogue’ with this, one has to be in the same subtle state. Meaning, in a deep meditational state or Dhyana.

Already many are unable to fathom simple concentration, leave alone this intense state of meditation! The best time for such an exercise is early mornings when both teacher and student are more able to remain in the subtle state to allow for the ‘pulse dialogue’ to take place. Hence the need to conduct pulse diagnosis only in the early mornings.

Pulse Reading - painting by Pauliina Salmenhaara 2011
Pulse Reading – painting by Pauliina Salmenhaara 2011

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