What to do before a consultation:

  • Consultations are conducted early in the morning so appointments are scheduled to start by 7:00am or 8:00am
  • You will be required to complete a Daily Lifestyle Information form and bring it with you on your consultation day
  • You should not have eaten for at least 4 hours before having a pulse diagnosis. A drink is allowed
  • You need to visit our website www.ancientsbest.co.nz to familiarise yourself with the background information provided about Ayurveda
  • Please tell us ahead of the consultation if you are taking any medication as we may require this to be temporarily suspended for a few hours prior to the diagnosis.  This does not include life-support drugs
  • *** Female patients wanting consultation must select a day that they are free of their monthly period; at least three days before or three days after their periods. This is because the pulses may not reflect the conditions as they should be during this time


What happens during a consultation?

  • The principles and philosophy of Ayurveda will be explained in general to you (if you have not already attended one of our talks on Ayurveda), otherwise you will not understand the diagnosis/prognosis
  • Your unique constitution will be determined by Pulse diagnosis (known as Naadi Parikshai), interview, observation, and review/clarification of the information provided in your Daily Lifestyle Information form


How long is a consultation?

  • Allow an hour (though this can vary)
  • Where possible the background information will be provided in a general talk or a following lifestyle workshop and then the consultation will take one hour or less


What happens after a consultation?

  • At the end of the session you will receive a short treatment report. This will clearly state the course of action needed including a food list recommending what food items you may eat considering your current state. Also any treatment that is recommended such as herbs, massages etc. This will be individually tailored to suit your situation
  • It is then your decision as to whether you go further
  • At Ancient’s Best, herbal formulas are prepared for the individual. Ancient’s Best does have some ready-made formulations which act as support to the specifically prepared formulas for the individual. *No individual formulations are prepared for a client until they have accepted the treatment recommendation


  Disclaimer: Please be aware that Ayurveda and Ancient’s Best do not claim to heal or cure you of any specific symptoms or dis-ease but to provide understanding and support of your individual constitution so you can manage this as best as possible. You need to accept and realize that the responsibility to change and adjust your diet and Life-style is yours.