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Our 5-day simplified detoxification program is the precursor to our more intense 7-day Pancha Karma but it can also be a ‘stand-alone’ treatment. Our Pancha Karma treatment program requires the individual to undergo a minimum of at least 3 months of our standard treatment before they can be ready and prepared for this intense program.

However, our 5-day detox is like a ‘jump-start’, simpler and modified, allowing for some experience of detoxification as well as undergoing a period of control and order which would go a long way to help in your daily management of your life and its activities. It allows the individual to fully appreciate the value and benefits of correct management and to put them on the path of correction and restoration faster and more easily. From here you could go on to undertake the 7 day Pancha Karma at a later date or you could continue on your day to day lifestyle with a better level of understanding and preparedness.

Included in the fully residential program are daily detoxifying Ayurvedic herbal massages, herbal scrub application, and full body steam. All food is provided and is very simple, easy to digest, and controlled. The only fluids taken are water (to be consumed very warm and taken regularly). Rest is an essential part of the program, as is time on your own, staying quiet and undisturbed – free from work and other commitments and distractions during this period. There will also be a daily yoga posture and breathing session and a question and answer session with Vaidyar Mani sharing knowledge and explaining aspects of Ayurveda and Yoga. There will be herbal formulas specially prepared for your individual constitution to help the process of detoxification – these will be taken daily. You are recommended to keep notes of what you are experiencing and every day will you will have an individual meeting with Vaidyar Mani to discuss your progress and ask any questions about what is taking place (in addition to the group talks and discussions).

Email us to express your interest or for more information about the program at info@ancientsbest.co.nz

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