Would you like to know the foods and activities that best support your health? Are you wishing to improve your digestion, stabilise your weight, and have more energy and vitality? Are you struggling to manage a chronic illness or suffering from insomnia or anxiety? Are you tired all the time or lacking in enthusiasm or purpose? Do you find it difficult to get organised and manage your time? Are you ready to take charge and responsibility for your health and life?

Our 2 Day Workshop is aimed at those who want to understand the link between what they eat and do and how this influences their physical and mental health. We will teach you how to make simple practical changes to your life that will help you manage better. Ayurveda is a practical science which treats each person individually and addresses the root causes of whatever issues you may be facing in your life.

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You will learn:

  • What food items suit your unique body and mind (and what foods don’t)
  • How to create a personalised daily and weekly food plan
  • The golden rules of eating
  • Understanding food as medicine
  • The importance of the six Tastes and which tastes are supportive for you
  • The digestive process and the root causes of digestive impairment
  • What happens to undigested food that cannot be eliminated quickly
  • How to cook spices and prepare a simple dish that is nourishing yet easy to digest
  • What kind of daily routine will best suit you and how to prepare your own weekly timetable
  • Which exercises, sports, and other activities you are best suited to
  • How to approach yoga postures and meditation based on your constitution
  • What are toxins and how can they be removed from the body and mind
  • And more!

You will benefit from:

  • Knowing the foods that are ‘healthy’ for you
  • Taking charge of your own diet and no longer relying on ever-changing fads and trends
  • Improving your digestion and elimination
  • Improving your energy levels as you are better nourished
  • Stabilising your weight to a level that is healthy and supportive for you
  • Improving your immunity and resistance to stress and disease
  • Having a clear daily and weekly routine to help you plan and manage your life
  • Sleeping better and managing anxiety, fear, and depression
  • Being better organised and using your time more effectively
  • Increased positivity and enthusiasm for life

Who should attend?

  • Yoga Teachers and Students
  • Health Practitioners (eg. TCM, Naturopathy, Massage Therapists, Nutritionists, Herbalists, medical Doctors, Nurses, Counsellors etc.)
  • Those with an interest in Traditional Wisdom and Spirituality
  • Individuals who are ready to take charge and responsibility for their life and Lifestyle
  • Those who are suffering from disturbances and diseases

Marlborough Workshop (Blenheim)

Duration:            2 days (8:30am to 4pm)

Cost:                     $400 ($360 early-bird price if paid by 15 March 2017)

Dates:                  Sat/Sun 29-30 April 2017

Location:             Ancient’s Best Clinic of Ayurveda & Yoga, Blenheim

To register:         contact Nicky on info@ancientsbest.co.nz or 021 0259 2428

Note:                     price includes new/follow-up consultation (please book your appointment time on Wednesday 26 April at either 7am, 8am, 9am, or 10am)

Hawke’s Bay Workshop (Havelock North)

Duration:            2 days (8:30am to 4pm)

Cost:                     $450 ($400 early-bird price if paid by 31 Mar 2017)

Dates:                  Sat/Sun 13-14 May 2017

Location:             Taruna College, Havelock North, Hawke’s Bay

To register:         contact Nicky on info@ancientsbest.co.nz or 021 0259 2428

Note:                     price includes welcome talk 6-8pm on Tue 9 May; new/follow-up consultation (please book your place on 10, 11, or 12 May at 7am, 8am, 9am, or 10am)



Thank you for a deeply insightful weekend, it was wonderful!

A great demonstration of how to cook delicious simple food. Thank you

Had my personal pulse reading yesterday. Mani is an incredible gentle & patient man, able to tell me things about myself just from reading my pulses. Thank you.”


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