Ancient’s Best was first established as a business in Singapore in 1988. We now have bases in both Singapore and in Marlborough, New Zealand and we travel to other centres on a seasonal basis to offer training, treatment and workshops.

The company represents the traditions of Ayurveda and Yoga as taught by the ancients and passed down from teacher to student as a spiritual study with very practical applications to everyday life. The founder, Vaidyar Mani, comes from such a family tradition.

Vaidyar Mani

Vaidyar ManiA Singaporean national, Mani carries the title of Vaidyar, a name bestowed upon those who practice Ayurveda in its traditional and authentic form.

Vaidyar Mani comes from a lineage of both Ayurveda and Siddha practitioners on both his mother and father’s sides of the family with his grandfathers and great-grandfather renowned Vaidyars in Tamil Nadu, India. He was also tutored in the classical way by his father through practical daily lessons from early childhood.

The purpose of Vaidyar Mani’s work is to retain and share the inheritance of this great tradition, with the spiritual aspects of Ayurveda and Siddha  his primary interest and responsibility. He practises the rare and almost lost science and art of pulse diagnosis known as ‘Nadi Parikshai’ which provides ‘The Key’ to understanding each person’s unique body and mind.

Under his guidance and support, patients and students develop their awareness and stability, so the true goal of this practice is understood. That is, the realisation of the Self through the instruments of the Body and Mind to attain to the state of Yoga.

Vaidyar Mani can be reached at or on his mobile +65 9450-8559  (Singapore). When in New Zealand he can be reached at +64 21 074 8340.

Nicola Hewett

Marl Express 24 July 2012 websizeNicky is a New Zealander and owns and runs Ancient’s Best Ltd in New Zealand in partnership with Vaidyar Mani.

Nicky is certified as an Ayurvedic Life-Style Consultant and Therapist and she also teaches regular Yoga and Meditation classes in Blenheim, New Zealand.

She works together with Vaidyar Mani on training and treatment programs in other parts of New Zealand and abroad, as well as managing online shop sales.

Nicky can be reached at or on her mobile +64 021 0259 2428 (New Zealand).