We recommend applying the Dosha pacifying massage oil at least once or twice a week (or every day) before your morning shower. Here are some simple instructions to follow.

Self Massage
Self Massage
  • Wake early and clear the bowels, clean the teeth, scrape the tongue, and rinse the eyes and mouth first.

Applying the oil

  • Taking a quick hot shower to open the pores and heat the skin before applying the oil is ideal
  • Warm the oil by either pouring some oil into a bowl and place that bowl into a slightly larger bowl of hot water (typically on an element to keep it warm) or place the oil bottle into a cup of hot water (only when using our glass bottles)
  • Make sure you are in a comfortable and very warm environment (such as a heated bathroom) and then apply the warm oil all over your body
  • Those with an aggravated Vata Dosha can use gentle strokes and plenty of oil; Pitta moderately firm strokes and less oil; and for Kapha use the oil sparingly and apply with vigorous strokes
  • Be gentle around joints and use a circular motion to rub in the oil
  • The main idea here is to get the oil all over the skin and the warmth of the oil and constant strokes will assist in its absorption
  • Sit still and let the oil absorb into the skin for a few minutes
  • Be mindful of what you are doing and why, and watch the flow of your breath to help you keep relaxed and focussed
  • Don’t rush

Applying the herbal body wash powder

  • Mix one to two dessertspoons of Ayurvedic Herbal Body Wash Powder with hot water, just enough to make a paste you can rub all over the body (the consistency should become a bit like runny paint)
  • Allow this to dry for several minutes and be absorbed (make sure the room is warm so this is comfortable)

To finish

Take a hot shower and wash off the body wash powder without applying any soap. It will remove excess oil but try to keep some of the herbal oil on the body as this will be very beneficial and you don’t want to waste it

To learn more

See also the section about Ayurvedic massage procedures etc. on our website as this will help you understand how the process works.

There is also some more information on morning routines here – https://www.ancientsbest.co.nz/lifestyle/daily-routines/

You can purchase our massage oils and other products from our online shop.