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The Ayurvedic Approach to Treating Cancer

The Ayurvedic approach to treating and controlling Cancer cells involves: Firstly, accepting what causes all suffering. We suffer because we don’t understand the natural laws that govern us. We step on these and get bitten in the process. The only antidote for Ignorance is Knowledge. However, we need to be discriminative and discerning when acquiring […]

Cancer, what is it ? A Classical Ayurvedic Perspective

Cancer is defined in modern conventional medicine as cells that grow uncontrollably and do not die, as normal cells do. As this is not normal it is considered a mutation. That which does not conform to the norm causes disturbances and in Ayurveda, this is referred to as a Dosha. Normal cells in the body […]

Classical appreciation of Yogic Anatomy & Physiology (Rachna/Kriya Shariram)

The Human Body, according to Yoga, is composed of various layers of subtle and gross bodies, or energies. Each layer or body helps to support and develop the next. The principles of Ayurveda and the concept of the Human Body according to Yoga philosophy are intrinsically linked to each other in this aspect, and therefore, they […]

Classical Ayurveda provides a holistic approach to dis-ease and life

Often times, the more we investigate, the further away from our problems we are taken or the more confused we get! The more you think you know, in fact, it often means the less you know. This is because in a very short while of such investigations we become so overwhelmed and burdened with countless […]

The Difference between Traditional and Modern Ayurveda Part 2

As we saw in Part 1 of this blog a significant change has occurred in the way Ayurveda is taught and practiced in modern times. Part 2 of this blog explains why this has happened. First it is important to understand the Indian or Hindu mind and secondly how modern history has affected the culture […]

The Difference between Traditional and Modern Ayurveda Part 1

The word Ayur-Veda specifically means the “Science or Knowledge of Life or Longevity”. In other words, it means ‘how we are to live and manage our life’. An appropriate term to describe Ayur-Veda is ‘The Yoga of Life’. It is a system that – when correctly understood, applied and practiced – leads one to Yoga, […]

Healthy food is Correct food!

Food is Medicine and Medicine is Food! Healthy food becomes healthy provided it is correct, compatible, suitable etc for each individual. This is for the simple reason that each and every one of us are uniquely different and therefore need to have our own personalised daily life-style activities starting with food. This is Ayurveda; the knowledge […]

What qualities and strengths make the ideal Ayurveda client/student?

Ayurveda, ‘the Yoga of Life’, where the body and mind is understood and then used as a means or instrument to attain Self-Realization, sadly is not for everyone. This is not a statement of arrogance or exclusivity but is based on individual evolution and Karma. The one who is ready now is spiritually evolved, able […]

Dosha Pacifying Herbs

Our Ayurvedic Formulas are compounded from many different finely powdered and ground herbs to not only provide those tastes that are deficient in the individual but also very importantly to assist in the detoxification process, and provide concentrated nutrition. Such herbal formulas work to correct and remove excess Dosha and toxins. Usually one to two […]