Each morning is the beginning of a new day and it is important to tune in mentally and physically.

Rise before the sun

Here are some useful tips to get started:

  • Wake up early before the dawn (early to bed, early to rise is good for all constitutions)
  • Take a few long deep breaths through the nose and stretch. Rub your palms together and place the warmed fingers over the eyes and gently open them. Get out of bed slowly and with awareness
  • Make sure your home is warm and you are warmly dressed and have something on your feet if the floor is cold
  • Wash the hands and face. Fill the mouth with water and splash water in the open eyes. Brush the teeth and clean the tongue and then scrape the tongue with a tongue scraper to remove toxins. Gargle with water and spit out
  • Drink/sip half a cup of hot water quickly (for Kapha only, other Dosha can take some warm water)
  • Go to the toilet and clear the bowels – if possible squat rather than sit on the toilet. Use cool or lukewarm water to clean rather than toilet paper. If the bowels do not move drink some more hot water and sit down on your heels for 5-10 minutes then go again to the toilet. Do not strain. If the bowels still do not move carry on with your morning procedures but repeat this practice every day until the body starts to follow and become regular. It will do so within a few days and more so especially once you are following a correct and supportive lifestyle
  • Take a shower and wash the body. As often as possible put massage oil on the body first (refer to the instructions on our website under ‘Massage Oils’ in regard to which oil to use and how to do this)
  • Dress in clean fresh clothes
  • This is an ideal time for your morning spiritual practice. This may be prayers, mantras, positive affirmations etc. whatever is meaningful and supportive to you
  • Follow with some focussed breathing exercises, postures (asana), meditation, and relaxation. Generally speaking these should be more heating and vigorous for Kapha, moderate for Pitta, and gentle and focussed for Vata. Then go for your walk or other daily exercise (timing and type of exercise will vary according to Dosha)