Kapha is a combination of the elements Earth and Water and represents stability. Kapha is less subtle than Pitta and Vata and gives us our physical body providing structure and lubrication, and controls emotions such as compassion and love.

It represents the concept of ‘home’,  a place that gives you peace and comfort, where you feel safe and secure, where you can feel love and share your love with others. Without the stability of this ‘home’ your Kapha can become disturbed.

stability and flexibility
stability and flexibility

Kapha produces mucus which is a very important fluid throughout our body.

It helps to nourish, lubricate and protect. In its normal state it is like oil. When aggravated it become heavy and more solid. A good analogy is putting butter in the fridge, when cold it will harden. When hard like this it tends to slow everything down and block activities. In cold environments and especially in the winter time Kapha will naturally become more aggravated.

When stable Kapha provides good immunity, strength and stamina; and a calm, nurturing presence.

However, when aggravated it can result in physical blocks in the body. Mentally those with excess Kapha can become stuck and stubborn, even spiteful in the way they think. They can become possessive and overly attached to people and things.

Kapha’s attributes are wet, cool, oily, heavy, stable, dense, cloudy, slow, smooth, sweet, sour, and salty.

Kapha has a tendency to influence us more during the child-hood years until full development; during the winter season; immediately after eating; and during the morning from around 6am to 10am and evening from about 6pm to 10pm.

To manage a state of aggravated Kapha read about Kapha Pacifying Dietetics and a Kapha Pacifying Lifestyle.