Please select those answers that are closest to your current experience of yourself (Vikriti), however, please don’t select all three! Be aware that these are tendencies that may manifest and are not fixed. There are both positive and negative qualities expressed so be honest in your selection to get the most correct results.

1. Digestion

digestive capacity is changeable; wind, bloating, gas; discomfort/cramps in lower abdomen

strong digestion; upset if eat too much spicy and oily food; ‘heartburn’; gastric pains

steady digestion but can get sluggish; food feels ‘heavy’ in stomach and just ‘sits’

2. Bowel Movements

constipated (urge to move but unable to or faeces hard and difficult to pass); lot of wind

loose broken soft motions

quite consistent movements; may be mucus in faeces

3. Hunger and Appetite (need to differentiate hunger from greed)

hungry frequently and at any time; weak when hungry; may forget to eat or eat too much; lacking in nourishment; like to snack

good appetite; enjoy eating, sharp hunger and must eat immediately or can get angry

emotional eaters; like ‘comfort’ food; no discomfort if miss meals; enjoy gourmet meals; often not hungry but eat anyway

4. Activity

short bursts of energy and activity, ‘crash and burn’; thinks, speaks and moves quickly

pushy; aggressively competitive; unrealistic drive to achieve goals; confident and courageous

hard to get started but prolonged stamina; moves slowly; graceful; relaxed and reliable worker

5. Sleep Pattern

can be either a light or deep sleeper; lying awake in bed; rarely feel rested; restless in bed

moderate sleeper; can easily sleep; alert even without a good sleep; can wake up easily; may have problems getting back to sleep

not able to go to sleep early; snoring may disturb sleep; difficulty waking up early; deep and long sleep that is rarely broken; feel rested by sleep; can sleep a lot

6. Discipline

feeling ‘lost’; lack of routine; forgetfulness; poor time management

losing temper; frustration; anger; loss of self control, even violence; likes a regulated lifestyle; great planner; self disciplined

indifferent; ‘can’t be bothered’; making excuses; selflessness – discipline coming from a desire to help others; stubborn

7. Stress and Anxiety

incoherent speech; irritability; excitability; panic; fear; confusion

aggressive; direct; sharp words; may isolate themselves

withdrawn; become stubborn and non cooperative; ‘shuts down’

8. Motivation / Taking Responsibility

lose interest due to lack of direction, focus and understanding; unable to complete tasks; enthusiastic; creative; sensitive but not too practical

lose interest when not in control or have lost self control; leader, organiser, idealistic, intelligent; enjoys mental and physical challenges

lack of interest due to laziness; procrastination; avoidance of responsibility; tolerant, patient, compassionate, loyal and calm

9. Memory

acute awareness but short and variable recall; short attention span

reasonably good memory; when impatient lose short term memory

long memory, never forget; may be slow or unwilling to recollect

10. Anger

nagging; irritable; complaining; fidgety; erratic responses; unpredictable

loss of temper and self control; aggression; violence; physical outbursts

spitefulness; vindictiveness; ‘backstabbing’; passive aggressiveness; obstinate

11. Procrastination

jumping from one incomplete activity to another; lacking direction

avoid or refuse to make a decision; postpone; do only when ready and in their own way

unable and unwilling to decide; make excuses; disagree for the sake of it; contradicting

12. Speech

incoherent; fast; talkative, incomplete sentences, loss of voice, good orator, knowledgeable speaker

short and sharp, aggressive, direct, may use swear words, bold, intelligent and fearless speech

slow and deliberate, domineering speech, speak calmly with an attitude of caring

13. Skin Tone

dry; scaly; elastic; wrinkles; loose

prone to skin problems; sensitive

oily; thick and taut; tough

14. Energy/Vitality

high energy but short lived; life of the party; get things going

constant vitality and enthusiasm; very controlled energy

sustained stamina; strong potential; ability to retain energy

15. Sense of Humour

very witty; expressive actions and impersonations; funny voices and faces

intelligent humour; play on words; can laugh at themselves and human nature; can be quite detached from the humour

enjoy comedy and laughing out loud; sharing jokes with others; get emotionally involved

16. Caring / Compassion

more self conscious and selective about who they will care about; not spontaneous

caring based on the ‘mind’ rather than the ‘heart’; all about responsibility and consideration for others

selfless and spontaneous

17. Ethics / Social Awareness

strong opinions; may be activists; reactive; impulsive; may be unrealistic; dramatic; idealistically attached; irrational; skeptical

introduce ideas and plan; good organisers; practical and down to earth; do what needs to be done; detached but active and realistic

supporters; pacifists; compassion for the suffering of others and nature/animals/environment; emotionally attached