Massage Treatment in Ayurveda involves the application of specially prepared and warmed Dosha Pacifying herbal oils to the whole body. Such treatment can be undertaken regularly at home as self massage or as part of a short term treatment program at our clinic.


Ayurvedic Massage
Ayurvedic Massage


I thoroughly enjoyed feeling relaxed, calm, happy and stable (and seriously tired) for several hours immediately following the massage. That night I slept very deeply… In the early morning I woke from a pleasant dream….I seldom dream.

Massage Client

Whilst many treatments today put a lot of emphasis on new drugs and therapies for treating symptoms and disease in patients Ayurveda on the other hand gives priority to and prescribes measures for preventing the occurrence of such ailments. Massage therapy is one such measure.

Though described as a preparatory measure before administering Panchakarma or ‘five specialized therapies’ of classical Ayurveda, its utility as an independent and distinct therapeutic measure is well recognised because of its rejuvenating and detoxifying effect on the body and mind.

According to Vagbhata (Asthanga Hrdhayam: sutra: 2: 7-8) “… a person, with a view to preserving and promoting his positive health and preventing and curing his diseases should use massage therapy regularly”.

Resorting to massage every day as a routine is important for one desiring good health.

Some of the benefits and attributes of Ayurvedic warm oil massage are given here:

*Primary detoxification tool to remove excess toxins and aggravated Dosha
*Prevention and correction of aging process (jara)
* Helping to overcome fatigue (srama) from hard work in life
* Corrects and prevents disorders caused by afflictions of the nervous system (Vata)
* Improvement of eyesight (dristi prasada)
* Nourishment (pusti) of the body
* Promotes longevity (ayur) of an individual
* Help for sleep (svapna)
* Promotes sturdiness (dardhyam) of the individual

Information is provided here regarding Ayurvedic Massage Procedures (what to expect) and the Subtle Effects of Ayurvedic Massage.

Directions here for how to do Self Massage at home and Dosha oils can be ordered from our shop.