• Follow the dietary guidelines given (Vata Pacifying Dietetics)
  • Sit down to eat quietly and focus on the taste and texture of your food and chew thoroughly
  • Choose warming foods and minimize intake of raw foods and cold foods and drinks
  • Maintain a consistent daily routine (prepare and use a timetable of all your activities from waking to sleeping)
  • Keep exercise gentle and regulated
  • Find time for rest, reflection, and nurturing of yourself
  • Create a calm, safe and comforting environment for yourself
  • Have regular Ayurvedic massages as this is soothing and grounding
  • Avoid very cold and very windy conditions, also very dry climates
  • Minimise travel and too much movement, avoid loud and noisy places, crowds, too much talking
  • Express your creativity in focussed and satisfying ways and allocate space and time for this
  • Wear soft flowing clothes made of natural fibres of earth tones
  • Get enough sleep
  • Keep warm


Nature Walk
Calming and gentle activities will help to pacify excess Vata Dosha


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