The Ayurvedic approach to treating and controlling Cancer cells involves:

Firstly, accepting what causes all suffering.

We suffer because we don’t understand the natural laws that govern us. We step on these and get bitten in the process. The only antidote for Ignorance is Knowledge.

However, we need to be discriminative and discerning when acquiring Knowledge. Because there is far too much information out there, it can be very tricky to know what is actually correct for an individual. A good and experienced teacher would be helpful and can act as a guide as well. We address such a person as an Aasan, Aacharaya or Guru. Once there is knowledge and understanding there is no more space for Fear and we have a firm foundation to start from.


Secondly, not waiting for any symptoms to manifest before beginning to make an effort to live a correct Lifestyle as per your constitution.

Make all efforts to seek professional help to diagnose and identify your Constitution, imbalances and weakness as per the principles of Classical Ayurveda. If this were to be done at an early age, the chances of correcting any disturbances can be recognised quickly and specialised corrective measures and treatment undertaken.


Thirdly, realising that it is never too late to begin.

It is not too late for anyone to make an effort to live a lifestyle that is suitable for them, even when one is already diagnosed with Cancer provided the individual is not too weak or unconscious.

Whatever the situation, improving the quality of life can be achieved and this in turn would boost the digestive fire, introducing more nutrients and helping to build ones strength and immunity.

Not much can be done for such people who have passed this stage, as all efforts must come from the individual understanding and from the Self-alone and this is why Ayurveda is termed as the science of Self-Healing.

However, understanding can provide much comfort and relief and even the chance to accept and approach what unfolds with courage and dignity, and without fear.


There are many treatment options available in Ayurveda.

Most important being correct Dietetics (food), Exercise and Sleep and ensuring these are appropriate for the individual’s unique body and mind.

Ayurvedic full body massage followed by steam bath is an important tool to help detoxify. Specially formulated Herbal formulas would be essential to help not only detoxify but to also provide the necessary tools for the body and mind to fight the disease through the nourishment such herbs provide.

Progressively working towards carrying out a Pancha Karma treatment, which is an intense residential detoxification program. This would be followed by a combination of Cleansing and Rejuvenation treatment and finally a fully Rejuvenating program. These can be done in 6 monthly intervals or even shorter, depending on individual’s strength and capacity.


Diseases (including Cancer) are mostly due to incorrect food eaten over an extended period of time.

This may include food that is highly processed and difficult to digest but it can also include so called ‘healthy’ fresh food that is not appropriate for an individual’s constitution. Such food cannot be digested properly nor be eliminated fast enough. A very disturbed Dosha from birth may also make digestion of food problematic. When food cannot be properly digested there is very little or no nourishment and the undigested food remains in the body and becomes putrid.

This putrid food is termed as Ama in Ayurvedic terminology. Accumulation of Ama not only obstructs the functions of the organs and tissues but also overflows and spreads to other parts of the body through the circulation of blood. This is how modern conventional medicine also sees the cause and spread of Cancer!

conventional treatment


Taking charge is the first thing we need to do.

This means acquiring correct knowledge. Knowledge helps one to overcome fear which is the greatest of factors detrimental to the correction and restoration process.

Next we accept the fact of the presence of the disease. By accepting we immediately release and free much needed energy to fight the disease, as otherwise we become drained and depleted with fear, worry and hopelessness etc.

Diseases including Cancer can be controlled and eventually rid of so long as we are able to utilise a system of treatment such as Classical Ayurveda which covers every aspect of human life and clearly defines its purpose and meaning.

If the disease or disturbances are recognised early, the chances of correcting and removing it completely is highly possible. It may not be so simple and straightforward in an advanced state. However if we abide by the rules and program as outlined here, the quality of life will surely improve and this would strengthen our immunity and provide us with improved nourishment and energy. These improvements would naturally become an inspiration and offer one a better fighting chance and a brighter outlook. It will also give strength to those around us who are also suffering through this period of their loved one’s illness.


And even after all this is said and done, there is the natural law of Karma to consider!

That is, we are here to experience certain things in this life and each of us has a completely unique life and life  circumstance. To understand more about how Ayurveda looks at cancer please read our blog “Cancer, an Ayurvedic Perspective”. To understand the meaning of Karma read our blog “Karma – the Law of Cause and Effect”.