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What qualities and strengths make the ideal Ayurveda client/student?

Ayurveda, ‘the Yoga of Life’, where the body and mind is understood and then used as a means or instrument to attain Self-Realization, sadly is not for everyone. This is not a statement of arrogance or exclusivity but is based on individual evolution and Karma. The one who is ready now is spiritually evolved, able […]

Dosha Pacifying Herbs

Our Ayurvedic Formulas are compounded from many different finely powdered and ground herbs to not only provide those tastes that are deficient in the individual but also very importantly to assist in the detoxification process, and provide concentrated nutrition. Such herbal formulas work to correct and remove excess Dosha and toxins. Usually one to two […]

Love in Relationship to Marriage

When do we ‘fall’ in Love?  When we meet the ‘right’ person!!! Who is the ‘right’ person!!! What is love?     Often times when you ask someone, “why do you love that person”? The answer comes, “because..”. There seems always some reason, purpose, agenda or whatever attached to this love. There are some qualities […]