Often times, the more we investigate, the further away from our problems we are taken or the more confused we get! The more you think you know, in fact, it often means the less you know. This is because in a very short while of such investigations we become so overwhelmed and burdened with countless information that we no longer can follow any but end up in a right state of panic!!! This is applicable to a majority of people because the ability to be discerning and selective and discriminating is not a common ability. Just like common sense is in fact not at all common!

All of us, have all the known and unknown problems and potential for dis-eases but the primary difference is in the degree. If we have a lesser degree of disturbance, the chances of experiencing any of the dis-eases is low or reduced, but if of a high degree, then the potential to suffer one or more dis-ease or disturbance is very high. The matter of the degree in Ayurveda is defined as Dosha. The more disturbed the Dosha the greater the chances of experiencing one or many dis-eases. So irrespective of the nature of the dis-eases or problems the primary cure is to identify and treat correctly the disturbed Dosha. This is what is called the root cause of our issues or problems.

Classical Ayurveda applies this principle to every aspect of our life.