We have had a request from one of our students to write something about Eczema in Children.

Dis-ease in any form is due to the aggravated Dosha. Identifying this correctly is the key to proper treatment and management. Otherwise, one could further aggravate the condition without realising.


Symptomatic treatments, such as that offered by modern conventional medicine and almost all modern day Doctors in Ayurveda, surely would offer some relief but often times this is short lived, and at the worst it further aggravates the condition as it may not be suitable and compatible to address the subtle cause.


As already mentioned, correct Ayurvedic diagnosis is the first step to treating this subtle disturbance or root cause. Following this diagnosis, the next thing would be to ensure the child is put on a lifestyle that would remove her or him from the causes of the disturbances to that Dosha.


The principle and treatment in Ayurveda is very simple. It tells you to just follow the opposites; for example, when you are feeling hot, you make all efforts to keep cool. This is the how simple it is.


Things the parents should follow as soon as they have realized the disturbed Dosha are:

  1. Identify and prepare food items suitable for that child
  2. Feed the child only when it is hungry and not force-feed.  We need to pay attention to the child and respect what it is saying or trying to say by words or gestures
  3. Ensure the child has regular bowel motions and it is not constipated or having diarrhea
  4. Child must have daily playtime and this should be considered as a form of exercise and learning.  Children’s Yoga is fun and enjoyable for both child and parent
  5. Do not bathe or shower a child when it is perspiring. Let them cool down first and then shower
  6. Do not use regular bathing soap but grains like an equal mixture of chick-pea and mung bean.  This should be in a fine powder form. Mix into a small amount of warm water to make a nice smooth paste and apply this all over the body. Let it dry for a few minutes and then wash off with warm water.
  7. Correct and specific Ayurvedic oils can be applied on the body before taking a bath
  8. Good and undisturbed sleep is vital for stability
  9. Herbs prepared in a syrup base can be given to such children so long as the correct herbs are used to prepare the formula
  10. Fresh but pasteurized Goat milk would be an ideal form of nourishment and a detoxification food if mother’s milk were unavailable.  It has properties that improve the functioning of the liver. Goat Milk is recognized to be closest to the quality of human milk according to various studies
  11. Most importantly the child must know it is being loved and cherished, in spite of all the naughty things they do.  Selfless Love heals all

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