Ayurvedic treatment, correction and Lifestyle management, be it short-term or long-term, is a process where toxins are forced out of the body and mind.

What are Toxins?

Food and thoughts, not able to become digested due to aggravated or disturbed Dosha, are rejected by the liver as unfit for nourishment and directed to be eliminated the fastest and soonest.  However the process of elimination will not be able to take place soon enough due to earlier waste food waiting to be eliminated too. So you see, there is a queue here already!  When these rejected food do not become eliminated fast enough, they turn putrefied. These are then forced back into the blood where they are taken to those organs and tissue having an aggravated Dosha.  These are now termed as ‘Ama’ or ‘Toxins’. The ‘Toxins’ then add on to the Dosha and aggravates the system even further, causing more suffering and disturbances. This is also recognized as the ‘Root-Cause’ of all our problems!

All healing modalities, systems, traditions and whatever are all addressing the removal of these ‘Toxins’. Only difference is that some of the systems are directly referring to this in whereas others are not so clear and yet others, very unsure what they are doing!

Removing Toxins

The longer the ‘Ama’ remains in the system the harder it becomes to remove them.  Various modalities of Ayurvedic treatment are available at our clinic to help remove these stubborn toxins, namely; Herbal formulas, Ayurvedic full-body Massage and Pancha Karma, a 7-day intense detoxification program.  Not forgetting long-term support like, Dietetics, exercise, sleep and etc.

Often the process or symptoms of de-toxification can be unpleasant.  These could include headaches, skin irritation, loose motions, abdominal cramps, lethargy, irritability and more. However not all will suffer all of the symptoms and some hardly notice any effects!

Ayurvedic treatment, when carried out correctly will induce de-toxification, which in turn will cause certain symptoms to become manifested.  We very closely observe the process of detoxification through regular feedback and contact with the client. As we are monitoring the progress, we are at the same time advising the client and putting them at ease in spite of their discomfort.  As the saying goes, ‘it often gets worse before it gets better’, is very true in Ayurvedic detoxification.

Toxins when expelled from the body, as indicated earlier, may cause some discomfort. This is only due to ‘something being familiar’ and so ‘ does not like change’! This is the work of our ‘Mind’, the Ego that sabotages it all.  So when we advise our clients to continue in spite of the discomfort is because it is part and parcel of the process and remember, we are monitoring constantly.






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