What’s the Difference Between Modern and Traditional Ayurveda

The word Ayur-Veda specifically means the “Science or Knowledge of Life or Longevity”. In other words, it means ‘how we are to live and manage our life’. An appropriate term to describe Ayur-Veda is ‘The Yoga of Life’. It is a system that – when correctly understood, applied and practiced – leads one to Yoga, […]

Ghee Recipe

According to Ayurveda, the ingestion of Ghee increases the most refined element of digestion, Ojas, which is the underlying basis of all immunity. Although not recommended for those with high cholesterol it is otherwise suitable for all Dosha though Pitta and Kapha must minimise their use of Ghee (and any oil they use). Ghee is […]

Indications of Detoxification, according to Ayurveda…..

Ayurvedic treatment, correction and Lifestyle management, be it short-term or long-term, is a process where toxins are forced out of the body and mind. What are Toxins? Food and thoughts, not able to become digested due to aggravated or disturbed Dosha, are rejected by the liver as unfit for nourishment and directed to be eliminated […]

‘Balance’ with Ayurveda!!!

Often times we hear of certain people speak of they being in ‘Balance’ or having their three Dosha in Balance or being the same or ‘Tridoshic’! This I see as a misinterpretation or incorrect use of the Sanskrit root word ‘Sam’. It need not necessarily mean the ‘same’ but could also mean ‘that which is […]

Eczema in Children

We have had a request from one of our students to write something about Eczema in Children. Dis-ease in any form is due to the aggravated Dosha. Identifying this correctly is the key to proper treatment and management. Otherwise, one could further aggravate the condition without realising.   Symptomatic treatments, such as that offered by […]

Oja in relation to feminine issues

Many women undergo issues of being diagnosed with cysts, fibroids and tumours in the reproductive organs. Oftentimes surgery is recommended to remove the tumours or growths and in some cases complete removal of all the female reproductive organs is recommended. This procedure is called a hysterectomy.   Modern science sees this as just an organ […]


Often times the matter of Prana and especially of its qualities are repeatedly discussed, sadly with the erroneous idea that Prana has qualities! When a matter as subtle as Prana permeates every and anything in all the universes,  how could it have any kind of quality? The problem lies not in Prana but in our […]